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Going bananas - Tastefulness (expected December 2020)

‘Going bananas’ is an auto-psychography, a personal description of my inner world, especially where it meets and interacts with ideas and experiences of other people. Four of the stories and one of the poems have been published in ‘Truthfulness previously.

‘Tastefulness’, the subtitle, is an invitation to get connected, with yourself as a starter, with each other as the main course,  concluded with a glass of mulled wine so you won’t feel deserted.

Throughout the stories you discern my path between fantasy and the other reality, guided by my inner compass. That path between my shadows and caverns is inimitable and exciting, may be even an unexpected portal to another universe. Will you join me?

‘I do not write any stories’

It is the stories that write to down or tell me what to do. They reveal my inner world where it can be quite stormy, where it is sometimes quiet, where I am in a good company of thoughts and feelings of myself and of those around me with plenty of imagination to play with.

Between the verb ‘Going’ and the last loose thread you may find, absorb and cherish my soulful universe of wonders, surprises, discoveries, challenges, mockery and especially self-mockery.

Just take me with a few grains of salt. That is at least what I do in my ‘Tastefulness’, or the search for alchemy, my balance between the life ingredients ‘authenticity’, ‘connection’ and ‘meaningfulness’.

The ultimate purpose is love, unity, about everything and nothing at the same time. We shall meet again.

This work is finished (August 2020), awaiting its final editing.

Dutifulness (expected February 2021)

Burn-out is een an increasing issue in various service related sectors, especially in education and health care. The question remains what effective measures can be taken to deal with burnout, form the point of view of the organization, taking into account all personal and environmental aspects.

The newly developed approach consists of the following elements:

  • Burn-out is condition concerning the system in the first place, rather than the individual.
  • Burn-out can be treated effectively with a sound awareness, framework of action and personal leadership among all persons involved.
  • The sustainability of the effective solutions depends on the motivation of the persons involved, which in turn connects to their authentic drives.

If only one person suffers from a burnout, the others are automatically involved. The performance and the working atmosphere decrease. Therefore, it is essential that all persons involved know what is going on and what can be done, both for the person with a burnout and for the other colleagues and the management.

The good news is that a stronger motivation will increase both working atmosphere and performance. This is connected to the characters of the various employees and the degree they are aware of their personal drives. For implementing this new method, a step by step approach has been drafted with forms to manage the process.