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Truthfulness (English, ebook)


This book helps you ‘unscrew’ yourself. Don’t you ever downgrade yourself after a failure or a criticism? Where is your self-esteem? You may think, or even fear, that you are never good enough at whatever you endeavour. You improve, which is great. The bottom line is that many of you are never fully satisfied with yourself. Truthfulness is around the corner, so we affirm the facts that keep us from being truthful right now. Thus, we keep trotting around in the same cage. How come? Is it comfortable hearing over and over again that you are deaf, forgetful, distracted, incoherent, insensitive, indecisive, not good enough, etc.? I don’t ask if you like it, just whether it is familiar to you. If so, you are screwed, not just by others in your environment, but mostly by yourself. 

Now for the good news: You are great...

You are great. You follow your passion and you remove whatever is in the way to be happy. You have courage, curiosity and stamina, the keys to performance. In turn, performance, whatever you do, is the key to survival. If someone is nagging and manipulating, you may feel screwed, but in fact you screw yourself, even more than they do. Now, turn it around. Unscrew yourself, and make yourself great, again and again. Isn’t that perfectly truthful?