Hi there!

My name is Steven. I am a teacher and scholar at a university of applied sciences. When I am not in a class room or doing research, I am either creating stories, poems and coaching materials, or enjoying life in nature. I enjoy creativity most when I can share it. To this end, I created a number of books and playshops.

In my free time, I write stories, poems, songs, and develop  vatious activities for social, creative and contemplative gathering. Or I go for a long walk in nature, on my own or with friends who seek my company.

Guidance in creative and personal development, and business cooperation are my key assets. I am available for participating in activities for personal development (business to business).

You save the day. I can help you with an out-of-the-box approach. At the same time, I save the night, full of dreams and imagination and without boundaries.


This is me and Max.

Peace be upon him.