Once upon a time, there was a truth seeking friend, who wanted to write a bestseller. ‘Wanted’ and ‘write’ are two different words, and even two different worlds. She realized that. Her true wish was a book writing itself. ‘Your wish is my command’, I told her. ‘Granted, it will be fulfilled. Hold this pen, please’.

Writing is writing. It is something you do, not something you want. Follow your intuition, and writing is Zen. Surrender to whatever comes up and put it down on paper. There are no obligations and no limits. Blank is OK, Chaos is OK, raving mad is OK.

You don’t even need words, as long as your pen keeps moving. As soon as it stops, your mind overtakes and overrides the process. Even moving slowly and peacefully will keep you ahead of the hurling hordes on the back benches telling you what they like and what they don’t like. Move, so you stay ahead of the ‘what if’ and the ‘I told you so’. Now, just surrender, and there will be no more nagging.

If your adversaries ever overtake you (in the unlikely case of an emergency), just write them off.

‘Bugger me, bugger you, bugger the world, and bugger the consequences’. Blame the bugs and buggers, the ‘time flies’ as we call them. Use your pen for your defense in an immediate response. Do you mind?

If you do, too bad, your mind takes over. Limiting thoughts and convictions are likely to block your creative flow, rather than facilitate and encourage it.

Spontaneous writing is relaxing, so please do allow yourself some freedom. Compare it with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, in this case, with the pen: penfulness.

Penfulness means that the pen is full so anything may come out, any time soon. As long as it works properly while you keep in moving, there will always be something: sense, nonsense, scribbles, chaos, whatever comes out is just fine. Let it flow and let it go.

 Afterwards, you may decide what you make of it, or what it makes of you. Are you still in for a laugh?

Creativity makes you happy and resilient. Writing is an easy way and offers a myriad of possibilities.

This work may connect to your deeper source and to develop your creativity. You may also release your stress, including all things that must be done and claim your energy. Live your life in its fullness; you deserve it.

This book is meant to renew your energy, in an airy, philosophic and creative way. It is a co-creation by Steven van der Minne, for most of the text, and MoiRa Geyer, especially for the illustrations.