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What is truthfulness?

Truthfulness has been my personal theme for as long as I live. Truthfulness is about honesty, sincerity and integrity. I am who I am. Since I’ve always been creative, inventive, full of imagination, more intuitive than rational, I have been admired and scolded, embraced and rejected, kissed and beaten, but always I survived and thrived, shared my insights and invited my environment to share theirs. I am known to be resourceful. Now, am I truthful? Being truthful is an art. Art requires passion, focus, leadership, leading to your authentic self. It also requires courage. Without courage, art becomes a nice display of talents. Being my authentic self is being connected to my inner source, my ultimate form of truthfulness.


I am grateful for my intuition, for sharing all kinds of concepts, coming from beyond my shrouded, crowded and clouded mind. Even so, I should not get attached to those thoughts. Attachment leads to suffering. Perhaps not the attachment as such, but the fear of losing what I am attached to. I could even be attached to non-attachment, like many truth seekers, especially those who call themselves ‘spiritual‘, taking themselves too seriously What they are lacking, is a sense of humour, creativity and resourcefulness, except for Ada, who inspired me to a metaphor of her yacht, to a poem of sounds surrounding it and, most of all, to enjoy my inner child in wonders and surprises.

'Truthfulness' is an intermezzo per se, since there is no beginning and no end, not even the last page of this work. It will go on as long as we breathe, and may be even beyond, as we regard life itself as an intermezzo. Other intermezzi involved trouble shooting with computer issues and enjoying a glass of wine when I travel by train. Feel the metaphors, the glass for clarity, the wine for inspiration and the train for the train of thoughts. Now please let the wine and the train do the good work while we are taking a well-deserved nap, another intermezzo, among the countless ones.

Or perhaps we are lazy, drowsy or plainly weird? That is up to you 😊