Once upon a time, there was a truth seeking friend, who wanted to write a bestseller. ‘Want’ and ‘write’ are two different concepts. Her true wish was a book writing itself.

‘Your wish is my command’, I told her. ‘Granted, it will be fulfilled. Hold this pen, please’.

I woke up a feeling of purpose, of being part of a grand scene, in which I had the chance to share my experience. I started to write. With short breaks for meals, sleep, and my job in the realm of Amnesia, I finished exactly 5 weeks later.

Next, I spent almost a year to understand what I had been writing down. Id made sense, sort of, while the dots couldn't be connected until MoiRa joined my story with hers, intuitive and within a certain structure.

Our own resourcefulness is part of the book we wrote and illustrated.

Being truthful is an art. Art requires passion, focus, leadership, leading to your authentic self. It also requires courage. Without courage, art becomes a nice display of talents. Being my authentic self is being connected to my inner source, my ultimate form of truthfulness.

‘Going bananas’ is an auto-psychography, a personal description of my inner world and where it interacts with ideas and experiences of other people. Within the Fulness series this work gets the subtitle ‘Tastefulness’, since philosophy is often regarded food for thought.

Throughout the stories, philosophies, poems and even recipes you may discern my fluid path between fantasy and other realities, perhaps even to an unexpected portal into another universe.

Would you like to join me?