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I woke up in the middle of the night, or so it seemed. I was steering a vessel in a storm. I realized I was the dark knight of the soul. The destination, even unknown, was mine.  The vessel was my energy, and the roaring waves, salty wind and luring stones were my environment. I had a feeling of purpose, of being part of a grand scene, in which I had the chance to share my experience.

I woke up, again, now in a position to get out of bed, and started to write. With short breaks for meals, sleep, and my job in the realm of Amnesia, I finished exactly 5 weeks later.

I had a kind of garum, an ancient Roman fermented Fish stew to be prepared. Over time, I removed the fishbones (essential ideas leading to the story, but not interesting to share). I added some flavouring (my way of writing), and I dedicated the follow-up time to the composition on my plate, so to speak, to make my chaos presentable, including examples from my daily life.

It turned out to be a book in 9 themes for removing your inner blockages. Each theme starts with a summing up of facts, continues by associating, letting your thoughts run free, and concludes with reflecting on the experience of the moment.


Number Theme
1 Love and grattitude
2 What do you wish?
3 What are your possibilities?
4 Trust, acceptance and forgiveness
5 Balance
6 Empower yourself
7 Be agile! Move and be free
8 Align and affirm
9 Rest and release