I woke up in the middle of the night, or so it seemed. I was steering a vessel in a storm. I realized I was the dark knight of the soul. The destination, even unknown, was mine.  The vessel was my energy, and the roaring waves, salty wind and luring stones were my environment. I had a feeling of purpose, of being part of a grand scene, in which I had the chance to share my experience.

I woke up, again, now in a position to get out of bed, and started to write. With short breaks for meals, sleep, and my job in the realm of Amnesia, I finished exactly 5 weeks later.

I had a kind of garum, an ancient Roman fermented Fish stew to be prepared. Over time, I removed the fishbones (essential ideas leading to the story, but not interesting to share). I added some flavouring (my way of writing), and I dedicated the follow-up time to the composition on my plate, so to speak, to make my chaos presentable, including examples from my daily life.

It turned out to be a book in 9 themes for removing your inner blockages. Each theme starts with a summing up of facts, continues by associating, letting your thoughts run free, and concludes with reflecting on the experience of the moment.

Resourcefulness has been revised and is free for personal use. Please note I may need a few days to respond. There is no automatic download like with many commercial suppliers.

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Welcome to your inner voyage.

This is a narrative about you, your voyage, shaping your images, your impressions and your experiences. For now, we leave that as it is, and leave you to your devices. It is for the purest of intentions that you write, for your inner process, the journey of the soul.

For a safe homecoming you may need all you observe, that you become aware of, that you comprehend, and that you decide to let go.

This work contains original paintings by MoiRa.

The work is freely available for personal use. Donations are welcome.