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Burnout prevention


You may be in a burnout, or almost, or your colleagues may suffer. Some help is needed, and beyond the individual level.

What is new?

First of all, I approach burnout as a system syndrome, rather than as an individual condition.

Second, I believe in prevention while I provide an action perspective following the early warning signals.

Third, the outcome is more than  avoiding sickness leave, since it motivates the persons involved, so they become more involved, more agile, and with an better overall performance. The organization will be more resilient.  

Please note: I am a professional health and safety councilor, no therapist.

Life comes with no recipe. 
Now, you are the chef. Can you smell the herbs and spices ?

Moira can draw illustrations on request.

Creative writing


I can help you overcome your writer's block, or tell me what refrains you from starting or continuing. 

You may also experience writing from the scratch, get the feeling of being spontaneous in whatever you endeavour.  

I offer you 30 minutes for free, no obligation, by Skype.

In the end

Peace, quiet, silence and stars at night.  Find this at Arcturus Retreat on a remote location in the Netherlands, close to the German border.

Arcturus retreat

The ultimate truth is
in silence, love and surrender

Now let us be trees
dancing in the wind
moving our branches
whispering with our leaves
whistling in the wind
and smiling
while our shadows touch

There is chaos to play with
and gratitude to cherish

The Arcturus Centre also provides life coaching.

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