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Going bananas


‘Going bananas’ is an auto-psychography, a personal description of my inner world and where it interacts with ideas and experiences of other people. Within the Fulness series (ISSN: 2543-1994) this work gets the subtitle ‘Tastefulness’, since philosophy is often regarded food for thought.

Throughout the stories, philosophies, poems and even recipes you may discern my fluid path between fantasy and other realities, perhaps even to an unexpected portal into another universe.

Would you like to join me?

Art, science, and magic

There’s no need to be bonkers to read this book, but it certainly helps. Now on a slightly more serious note: bananas are bent. Their  curvature is especially appealing to people higher in artistic expertise or openness to experience.

Stories appear and reveal my inner world. It can be stormy in there, but usually quiet, when I am in a good company of thoughts and feelings of myself and of those around me.

This auto-psychography contains various stories, poems, dreams, memories, popular science, and reflections. They vary from sensible everyday scenes to outlandish philosophies with order and chaos engaged in their perpetual dance. That’s how I experience them, not necessarily how they appear in your eyes. I may be more fantasy prone than average, which influences my cognitive processing and development.

My drive to write this book is that I enjoy sharing the richness of my world and giving the reader a taste of what it is to be like me, even sometimes from a crooked perspective while blurring of art, science, and magic.

‘I do not write any stories’

It is the stories that write to down or tell me what to do. They reveal my inner world where it can be quite stormy, where it is sometimes quiet, where I am in a good company of thoughts and feelings of myself and of those around me with plenty of imagination to play with.

Between the verb ‘Going’ and the last loose thread you may find, absorb and cherish my soulful universe of wonders, surprises, discoveries, challenges, mockery and especially self-mockery.

Just take me with a few grains of salt. That is at least what I do in my ‘Tastefulness’, or the search for alchemy, my balance between the life ingredients ‘authenticity’, ‘connection’ and ‘meaningfulness’.

The ultimate purpose is love, unity, about everything and nothing at the same time. We shall meet again.

The yes but(t) cake

The butt is the end of the digestion process.

‘But’ is the beginning of the end of an argument, usually politely preceded by ‘yes’. ‘Yes, but’ is bullshittish, meaning ‘no’.

‘Yes, I hear you or I pretend to hear and understand’, and ‘No, I do not agree, while I try to be polite’.

You may be alert when someone says ‘yes, but’. The trapdoor is yourself, when you are ‘yes-butting’ out of fear, doubt, unbelief, remorse, regret, shame, anger, other mostly negative emotions, or when you just have a far better idea. You do not listen, just reflect your own immature chaos. ‘Yes-but’ reflects the bungy-jumping ego. Acknowledge this, smile, and let it go.

Parrying the argument is a piece of cake. ‘OK, so it is a no.’, and wait till the yes-butter answers stating the positive side, so you can find a solution. This is politics, I know, with emotional and semi-rational arguments, low on logic and intuition. A cake is nice and sweet, but it contains fattening sugar. So, do you fancy this? Yes, let the butt contain sugar. Enjoy with modesty.





Ice cream

Dark caster sugar

Whipped cream

Cinnamon or cocoa powder

Chocolate sauce




  • Whip the cream.
  • Stir the cinnamon or cocoa powder and a bit of caster sugar, honey or mashed dates.
    The cream will loosen, which is just fine.
  • Cut 6 oval shaped pieces of gingerbread. Put the first 2 slices on a plate, side by side.
  • Put a scoop of ice cream on the centre of each slice.
  • Cover the slices with the next two slices. Press lightly
  • Put another scoop of ice cream on the centre of each slice, carefully.
  • Place the last two slices on top, carefully. Do not
  • Spread the loose cream concoction.
  • Pour some chocolate sauce in the middle between the slides.

Gross? Sure, enjoy !


Where is this leading? Into your kitchen? Yes, it is, like anywhere else on your jumping mind. Just do your own thing. Make your own cake or whatever it is. The cake is just another metaphor, like bananas.

Do not copy what I say, just because I say. Having said that, not doing what I say is also copying, the vortex of a never ending story.

Do you copy?

‘Yes, b….’



A little longer, and it is gone

Your dreams will fade

A laugh, a tear

And still another laugh


Somewhat confused

Between one world and another one

You will resort

To the order of the day


With the silent hope

That you are sucked into a vortex

To a different place

And a different time


To relive all anew

As you want it

Departing from yourself

To a world of your choice

The last loose thread