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Malika Gandhi

Malika Gandhi is an author, a book mentor, a virtual assistant, and an illustrator and artist. She lives with her husband and two sons in the East Midlands, UK.

Malika is a homemaker,writes her books and dabbles in a little painting. She loves to experiment with different mediums such as oils, acrylic, and watercolour.

Book Mentor services:

  1. I will talk your book through with you in detail
  2. I will devise a plan of action and writing sprints
  3. I will read over your work and offer suggestions for improvements
  4. I will offer accountability
  5. I will help you through publishing and marketing

Virtual assistant services:

  1. Simple proofreading - I will check for grammar issues and spelling,
    make sure the document flows well, and offer suggestions to make your work better
  2. Ghostwriting - I will write your book for you
  3. Article writing - I will write articles for your website/blog
  4. Email management - I will organise and keep your emails in order
  5. Letter writing - I will write your letters
  6. Research - I will research topics on your behalf and compile a report
  7. Canva Designs - I will design social media banners, posters, etc. for your business
  8. Illustrations - I will draw digital illustrations for your business
  9. Database - I will create a database for you on Excel
  10. Tell me - I will see how I can help you in writing, organizing, and illustrating.