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Who are my partners?

'We', Steven and partners  join in various activities from writing via playshops to coaching.

Malika Gandhi is an author, a book mentor, a virtual assistant, and an illustrator and artist. She was born in India. She grew up in London, studied in Southampton and moved to Leicester after her marriage. She loves to watch movies, visits art and history museums and is curious about the universe.

Sharon McLauglin is a coach in meditation, mindfulness, and NLP and she is a master in educational needs. She is an instructor in breathwork and cold exposure (Wim Hof method).

MoiRa Geyer is the illustrator of most of my works. She gives creative workshops and art therapy, involving drawing and painting. I call this 'Heartfulness'.

Caroline Buwalda (Arcturus Centre) is doing retreats and various life coaching and well-being activities, including essential oils.

A number of other partners are or may  also be linked to this fulness initiative. When they join, we will create separate partner pages.

Now, you may become one of us 😊